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Thursday, July 27, 2006
  ACTU lead with their balls, and get kicked

The brainiacs at the ACTU got a clobbering by John Howard when he was able to "reveal" that the people appearing in the ad campaign against the Government's labour laws were not telling the truth. Greg Combet took a public kick in the balls when his failure to investigate the stories of his "talent" left the campaign open to a devastating attack. The Honorable John Howard was able to discredit the campaign by exploiting the smallest of discrepancies and accepting the employers' word in each case, not even consulting the employees concerned. The Office of Workplace Services concluded that none of the workers in the campaign had been sacked illegally. It said a worker who claimed to have been sacked via text message had previously been advised twice by telephone that her assignment had ended. And it found that a worker who was not paid redundancy did not have that provision in his work contract. The Government wins the encounter, even though the PM is saying it's alright to sack someone by telephone and to force workers onto contracts with no redundancy provisions. Lesson: don't give your competitor a free kick.
Wednesday, July 26, 2006
  Closet sexuality and right wing politics

Are closet homosexuals a danger to democracy? Sounds ridiculous. A closet anything has reasons for their lack of openness. Many homosexuals feel shame, others fear lose of face and position. Many homosexuals suffer the complication of self loathing - which comes about because they have internalised the broader community's homophobic attitudes as correct (especially when they were young). Persons suffering low levels of self respect and high levels of self loathing can become substance abusers or people abusers. Attacking themselves and attacking others.
Self loathers are often repressive in their politics, basing their world view on fear and their belief that human nature is essentially evil. Or they are often cruel to others to compensate for what they see as a cruel world's attacks on them. Could it be that the indnvidual believes homosexuality is not right, yet he is a homosexual by nature. (J. EDGAR HOOVER AND HIS LIFELONG COMPANION CLYDE TOLSON, CLOSET HOMOSEXUALS AND OPEN METROSEXUALS)

Famous right wing ideologues who were closet homosexuals include J. Edgar Hoover (who kept dossiers on prominent Americans and used the FBI to spy on US citizens and destroy their public reputations if he suspected them of being leftists), Senator Joe McCarthy (whose name was given to the era when he led a politicial lynch mob called the Committee for UnAmerican Activities, and destroyed the lives of many innocent people) and Ernst Rohm (Hitler's leader of the Brown Shirts, the terrorists used by the Nazis to destablise the Weimar Republic and seize power. Hitler had Rohm executed as soon as he was no longer of use to him.) MCCARTHY AND HIS SELF-LOATHING SIDE KICK ROY COHN (BOTH GAY GAYBASHERS) The life and times of Roy Cohn, McCarthy's aid, a gay gay-bashing New York lawyer with Mafia connections who had photographs of McCarthy and Hoover in drag makes instructive reading. Google him. Could there be a link between extreme right wing ideology and self loathing and repressed homosexuality? Does it matter?
Sunday, July 02, 2006
  Eddie and Channel 9 take the greatest hits

How fast did Channel 9 lose its iron grip on the Australian TV market?
Eddie Everywhere - the CEO of Kerry Packer's Earthly Kingdom - Channel 9 - and host of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" - has got some Packer traits and not others. He sees no conflict of interest hosting the AFL version of the Footy Show while he is President of Collingwood. Very Kerry.
He talks tough. "I've got a long memory," hs said in response to being Watergated about his comments on 'boning' Jessica Rowe. Threatening, bluffing, huffing, puffing, now he's got to blow their houses down.
But the only house that appears to be losing bricks is the House of Packer.
Eddie Maguire looks like a Shakespearian tragedy about to happen. Hubris hurls him down.
Eddie's not tough. He only talks tough.
I saw many of his bullyboy type at the Christian Brothers school I went to. Eddie is an old boy of the CBC.
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