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Sunday, July 02, 2006
  Eddie and Channel 9 take the greatest hits

How fast did Channel 9 lose its iron grip on the Australian TV market?
Eddie Everywhere - the CEO of Kerry Packer's Earthly Kingdom - Channel 9 - and host of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" - has got some Packer traits and not others. He sees no conflict of interest hosting the AFL version of the Footy Show while he is President of Collingwood. Very Kerry.
He talks tough. "I've got a long memory," hs said in response to being Watergated about his comments on 'boning' Jessica Rowe. Threatening, bluffing, huffing, puffing, now he's got to blow their houses down.
But the only house that appears to be losing bricks is the House of Packer.
Eddie Maguire looks like a Shakespearian tragedy about to happen. Hubris hurls him down.
Eddie's not tough. He only talks tough.
I saw many of his bullyboy type at the Christian Brothers school I went to. Eddie is an old boy of the CBC.
How to succeed in small business - start with a big one.
I have a prediction.. I think that Channel Nine TV station is going to show some SERIOUS signs of hurt. Have you had a look at some of the late night content these days. The infomercials are disappearing because the audience isnt there anymore. In my mind the infomercials are like the frogs in the pond, they are an indicator organism. If they exist in a publication or media then there are sales to be made. If not, dont touch it with a ten foot clown pole.
Love the analogy. Actually Fred infomercials are like fungus growing on a dead tree. Their presence indicates that air time is so cheap that the bottomfeeders can afford it. In other words, the mainstream brands have abandoned the timeslot. Sales still to be made. I agree, when they disappear it's a bad indicator.
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