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Sunday, May 07, 2006
  Web site optimisation: fire your ad agency
WHen an ad agency does direct marketing they often forget the basics. It's not that they forget them. They never learned them.
They don't like them when they do learn them, because the rules of direct marketing often contradict the rules of advertising.
The same is true for online and offline. You can tell a website designed by an ad agency - go to a few of them and you'll see - their own sites. Elaborate flash designs that make you wait while you admire their creative brilliance. Wankery. The online agency understands the principle of ACCESS. People visit websites for access to content and information. You come to the Opera House for what's on the stage. Not for some bullshit performance by the doorman.
This is not an ideological divide. It is a paradigm shift. There can be little understanding between people operating under different paradigms because the past cannot understand the future and the future cannot talk to the past in terms it will understand. Online is different to offline as direct marketing is different to advertising. If you want results, seek specialists in each field.
Amen to this! Online agencies should do online not advertising agencies. Direct marketing agencies for direct marketing and horses for courses. Dont get a surgeon to repair your shoes.. nor a cobbler to do your brain surgery.
I so agree with this but after 12 years in this industry I still get briefs from marketers to make their website fun. When I explore "Fun" I find it means add some stupid animation and querky navigation. I ask them if they'd fancy going to a department store and being forced to watch some clown before they can shop. Have a look at the average advertising agency website and you'll see few of them have any idea at all.
A friendly company that I link to has just redesigned their site, and the only logo I can see there is in flash. I hope they can send me a jpg of the device for my site. If they'd had a jpg logo somewhere I could have taken it, resized it and had it up already. Is that enough justification for them not to have a moving logo - no, but the point remains that more complex technology becomes the more fragile it is.
I was doing a little more thinking on this and decided to do a little blogging of my own on the topic
I think key elements including
- Usability
- Search engine optimisation
- Accessibility
are tipping the odds towards online marketing agencies designing as opposed to advertising agencies. Those 3 key elements are going to be bigger and bigger elements of marketers marketing budgets for their websites. I am writing a little about brand vs search right now because this is going to be a big argument going forward
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