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Thursday, March 09, 2006
  The customer is always wrong
This was the name of a talkback radio segment hosted by a left-liberal pussycat named James on a public broadcasting network in Australia. He attracted the usual queue of bellyachers and miseryguts complainers, the standard fare of those with too much time on their hands, who don't mind calling radio stations in the boss's time but scream blue murder when on occasion they're asked to work 15 minutes longer than the award stipulates.
By now you can tell whose side I'm on, unless you're as thick as they are.
Why are service levels down the crapper? Because you idiots want everything for free! You don't want to pay for anything. You let the seller cut their own throats, then you complain when they bleed on you.
Listen up. If there's no margin in the deal, there's no money to pay for service staff. You end up with a nice Indian man being paid a few rupees an hour in a call centre in Mumbai instead of a live human being somewhere within 1000 kms.
One of the callers complained of crap service from Dell. What did they expect? Ya pays ya money, ya takes ya chances...
Customers rule. You'all created this mess by your greed and avarice.

I am enjoying your stories and insights. So bloody good!

Have you ever done something truly outrageous and got a supersonic wild fire response?

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