The Absolute Truth About Marketing
Wednesday, March 15, 2006
  Can you smell the money?
There is a pig in the python, a lump in the demographic chart, and it's coming your way. Too late! It's arrived. It's called the Baby Boomers. They are the biggest, most self-indulgent group of free spenders the planet has ever known. And their parents are conveniently popping off and leaving these spendthrifts the family home and a small parcel of shares - all of which they convert into cash and spend spend spend. It is the largest intergenerational shift of wealth known to mankind.
And just how are marketers responding? Are they pursuing these plump pidgeons, designing products for them, redesigning packaging for their failing eyesight, targetting campaigns at them?
No. That would be too much like intelligent.
In fact, many big brands, frightened by the aging of their customer base, are aiming at hip young things, although they are a small market and can only watch as their partners spend the family loot.
They are spending spending spending, but not with you you you.
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