The Absolute Truth About Marketing
Wednesday, February 01, 2006
  Mistakes in marketing, Part 3
Continuing our series of blunders and booboos in marketing:

[ ] Poor targeting. Are you still using demographics? Young females, 18 to 24? As a target for your advertising? Knock knock – it’s the 21st century – hello! Giving a stupidly crude target like this is asking everyone to imagine the target from their own limited experience, especially ad agency people who think the world is full of people like them and their friends.

[ ] Poor IT integration. The silos of your business are separated by jealousy, fear, politics and a chasm called ‘IT integration”. Yet customers don’t see the company as a collection of warring factions and little empires. They think it’s one company. And they are bewildered when they can’t get seamless service and standardised responses.

[ ] Lack of Internet strategy for e-commerce. This is not a nice to have anymore. Consumers expect you to be available 24/7 and more and more they expect to be able to transact online. Why can’t I buy a new refrigerator online?

WHy not contribute your own blunders by posting a comment?
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