The Absolute Truth About Marketing
Monday, February 06, 2006
  Do you make these mistakes in marketing? Part 3
[ ] Failure to test. Marketers who roll out a response campaign without first testing it are so common, the word ‘testing’ is like ancient Greek in most marketing departments. But it is the only way to predict what response you will get. Predict the future? Yes, it’s possible and it’s easy. But it requires effort. Serious deficiency here.

[ ] Changing the advertising creative too soon. Boring your agency and yourself is the right way to extract maximum value from your ads. The VB campaign is a good example. It takes viewers 10 times as long to get bored with ads as it takes you and the agency (who have a vested interest in new creative.)

[ ] Failing to train salespeople. Apart from the basic assumption that your sales people are equipped with the best skillset they can have – would you send a soldier into battle without training? – there is a subtle power training can have. It turns the gypsy salesperson into a brand delivery vehicle. Like your brand, their selling style and messaging should be unique.
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