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Sunday, January 01, 2006
  How to reduce crowds at a rock festival
If the organisers of the 3-day rock festival on Phillip Island over New Year wanted to reduce the crowds coming to next year's event, they've done it. Make the punters wait in a queue of cars - stationary, in temperatures up to 40 degrees - for up to 7 hours to get in to the venue. How do you do it? You have security search every car for alcohol, creating a bottleneck. Fools! It created a traffic jam that lasted all day for holiday makers on the Island. It pissed everyone off, not just the punters. I can hear the idiots stammering now: "We had no choice... They made us do it..."

RULE #1: There is always an alternative to screwing up your customers and stakeholders. You just have to work at it...

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